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Client Feedback
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''We have been doing PT sessions for a couple of weeks as well as Bootcamps and I am so pleased that every few sessions you change the workout.  It stops me getting bored but also keeps my body from getting used to what's coming next. It gives my body and mind a fresh challenge.  You are getting me in to the best shape, physically I've ever been.  Thanks for the support. I can't recommend you enough to my friends.''

"I started Robs class 5th Jan 2015, at 20st I didn't think I'd be able to do it never mind keep up, now I'm still not able to do most of the drills but and it's s big but I can do 1hrs exercise without cause for complain, and I feel good about losing over a stone in weight, at last count 20/4/15 I was under 19 stone. That's without dieting or changing my routing, so something's working."

''Another cracking session with Rob at RR Fitness.  Working hard on the cardio and feeling good''

''Thoroughly enjoyed it today. Awesome workout.  Can't feel my legs though. Bring on next week.''

''Brill workout. Haven't done anything like it for years and surprised how much I enjoyed it.''

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